Bespoke Events

Tailor made evenings at the World’s leading venues. Let us take advantage of our industry specific networks and bring your customers to you enabling your team to maximize their time and increase ROI.The Bespoke Events Division of Intrinsic Communications helps you to boost your pipeline by enabling quality time with hard to access decision makers from your enterprise level targets. You control the topic, the audience, the timing and location – we do all the work, delivering a first-class event with the most important ingredient: relevant and senior decision makers based solely on YOUR criteria.


The Format is flexible, but is typically a Private Dinner hosted by you the client, providing an Exclusive Audience and always with senior attendees that 100% match your criteria. Who would you like to host at your event? Just let us know and we will do the rest.

Why Go Bespoke?

Control • Because it is your event you have full control over all the key elements, unlike when you sponsor an exhibition or conference. You select the topic, the dates and preferred city and outline the ideal attendees in terms of numbers, job titles and industry sector.

Qualified Audience • Qualified by you, researched, invited and confirmed by us. You can approve every attendee and decline any that are not the right match.

Measurable ROI • Results are easy to track and measure through your pipeline.

Environment • Private dining rooms in 5-star, iconic venues provide high quality environments conducive to spending quality time with your guests. A perfect mix of business networking in a relaxed and memorable environment.