Networking events are dead. Long live networking events.
12th June 2019

Your guide to squeezing the most value out of micro events.

In-person events for B2B are a tried and tested route to market strategy. Coming in many forms they each have their own merits…

A large-scale event, taking place over up to 5 (exhausting) days, puts your brand in front of well, a large-scale audience at best… differentiated marketing. An intimate Summit – like the ones we produce – deliver a targeted audience of possible targets over a shorter time span, normally a couple of days lets label this, concentrated marketing. Whereas micro events give you a laser targeted audience for a highly valuable evening of dinner and drinks. All with common interests, all of a similar seniority and all actively seeking solutions that you can provide – micromarketing? We know where we’d rather be and, so do the delegates.

Let’s give that a little more perspective. At a 4,000-delegate strong event, how likely are you to pinpoint exactly the right person at EXACTLY time they want to talk to you? The chances are fairly slim. A small, intimate summit – particularly those featuring 1:1 meeting’s (like ours), the odds are significantly more in your favour. At a micro event, you have around 20 of your top targets in a room for around four hours to discuss a problem that they have and that you can solve. These are our favourite odds.

In a digital world dare to be analogue

I read something recently about the shelf life of marketing ideas, and how those companies chasing the next innovative/gimmicky idea to engage potential customers tend to burn these ideas out very quickly. The concept is that good marketing ideas don’t wear OUT, they wear-IN (if anyone can find the article please send it to me!).

Business has been done face to face for well, ever. There is nothing in your digital tool kit that can replace good old-fashioned face to face networking and relationship building. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it – just make sure you deliver a truly memorable experience.

Here’s our guide to the FOUR elements of a successful micro event

1. Location, Location, Location

Not just the mantra of estate agents, location is paramount to the success of your event.

If you’re asking a group of senior, budget-holding decision makers to give up their limited spare time it’s probably a good idea to take them somewhere very special.

A wow-factor venue will definitely help persuade attendees. Perhaps a private dining room in an iconic venue or restaurant… the top of the Gherkin, down in the vaults at The Ned, Bob Bob Ricard – because, who doesn’t want to be able to Press for Champagne?

Or…. why not offer something extra? We recently delivered a dinner in the media centre at Lords Cricket Ground. Iconic venue + optional tour of the ground. Great for cricket fans while still in easy reach for all other attendees. Win. Win. (Get in touch for more ideas!).

2. The right attendees

You know who you want to be there. Your sales team have probably been trying to track them down for months. They are proving more than a little elusive. A micro event gives them that little bit extra – delivering an experience and giving your organisation a personality, a face for the brand, a bit of razzle-dazzle to set you apart from the competition never hurt anyone! (ALSO, we’re really amazing at confirming those hard to reach people for you!)

3. Content (but not too much)

It’s a fine balance. You want to share your solutions with the audience of top targets sat (captive?) in front of you. Your attendees, however, want to have a nice, relaxed evening with great food and discussions.

Our advice – talk with your guests, not at them. No one wants to be sold to over canapes, no matter how amazing the venue is. A presentation or panel discussion at the beginning of the evening (post welcome drinks, of course) is a good way of setting the tone and introducing the topic. But, always ensure that there is plenty of time for attendees to talk amongst themselves. This is when you’ll get the most out of your event. You’ll hear their current pain points, problems they’re looking to solve and more – plus, with a rep at each table you’ll take some incredibly valuable nuggets of information back to the office.

Relaxed and informal works best. It’s a dinner, enjoy it!

4. Follow up

I know… this does sound faintly ridiculous but, without a strong follow-up strategy in place, you’re missing the final piece of the puzzle.

You’ve given your potential clients a night to remember. They made some fantastic new connections and learned about your amazing solutions. Remind them of that. Perhaps a little more subtly (you don’t need us to tell you how to suck eggs)… but, without properly following up will all your hard work on the night have been in vain?

End to end event service

If all that sounds like hard work (and frankly, it is) you’re in luck, we’ll do it for you! We’d love to help you deliver a best-in-class micro event. We are experts in seeking out your most elusive targets and bringing them all together in a breath-taking venue. Once you’ve told us the who, when and where we do the bit we’re good at (see above) leaving you to the bit you’re good at – dazzling your future clients!

To find out more about Bespoke Events by Intrinsic Communications Ltd access the brochure here, call +4 (0) 20 3004 9791 or email to arrange a short call.